Get Rid Of Your Hangover With Liquids

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We all know the feeling: you wake up with a pounding headache and don’t even want to open your eyes because you know that if you do you will feel dizzy and sick. Even if you had fun the night before, a hangover can totally kill the next day, making you want to lie in bed and not move for the next 12 hours.

Few people know that it actually takes 72 hours for a hangover to fully leave your system. Despite this disheartening fact, there are a few things you can do to help yourself feel better in the midst of a hangover.

We all know it, but it’s still important to mention: you must drink water! Your system is going to be really dehydrated from the night before because when you drink your kidneys can’t communicate as easily with your brain.

And if you vomited the night before, it’s even more important that you drink water the next day. You need to replenish your system, so get that water in your body.

You can add some lemon and ice to make it refreshing and cool. Besides drinking water, it’s also good to drink something else that has electrolytes and sugar in it. Many people drink Gatorade, but Pediasure is an even better option.

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