Getting Back In the Game

Bella Breakdown

Relationships end and new ones begin. It’s a constant cycle of life, until you’ve found a romantic relationship that stands the test of time. The time in between those relationships are extremely crucial periods. These are the periods of time when you should be healing and participating in some self-reflection. Without ample time and focusing on yourself, you could pre-maturely enter a relationship and end up making the same mistakes. How will you know when you’re truly ready to enter a relationship again?

1. It’ll be about the person, not what they represent.
You’ll know it’s the right time when your interest is focused upon the person, rather than the idea of having a boyfriend or girlfriend.

2. You’re okay to be alone
You may be at the point where you’d like to date and find someone, but you also don’t feel lonely. You are okay with the friendships in your life, and at the end of the day you’re happy to just be with yourself.

3. You’re using your experience for good.
Mistakes happen. Fights happen. We do things in relationships we may regret. However, it’s how you work through the issues, and know your own triggers and also red flags to look at in other people that makes you an ideal candidate for dating. You understand your worth, and what you bring to the table. You know what you will and will not tolerate from not only another person, but yourself as well.

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