Getting Out Of Bed And To The Gym

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If you have found that your only time to work out is in the morning, you might have committed yourself to going to the gym early. But let’s face it, getting up in the morning is really hard, and it is even harder when you add in the fact that you have to exercise and then more than likely go to work.

Well, first and foremost, you’ve got to change the attitude. To stop yourself from crying about having to leave your bed in the morning, maybe start with the mindset that you get to workout and go to the gym, and that you’re healthy enough to get a work out in. Other than fixing your mindset, here are a few ways to make getting up and going to the gym easier.

1. Prep your clothes and your gym bag the night before.

2. Keep your alarm clock away from your bed. That way you won’t be able to keep hitting the snooze button, and you’ll have to actually get up to shut it off.

3. Drink water before bed. You’ll more than likely have to use the bathroom when you wake up, which will make it a lot harder to stay in bed.

4. Keep shades and blinds open to let the light in. A dark room keeps you sleepy, but brightness will help you wake up!

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