Getting Over A Breakup Like A Star

Bella Breakdown

Whenever I have gone through a breakup, I usually handle it in all of the ways you shouldn’t. I either eat too much or not at all. I get drunk and send texts I definitely regret. I cry to the point of dehydration. Breakups never seem to look great on me. Somehow though, celebrities have mastered the art of the break up. They make their heartbreaks look so good, it make me want to get broken up with again just so I can do what they do.

Celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian don’t let jerks get to her. She has been looking better than ever after getting rid of Scott and her latest boyfriend Younes. Selena Gomez didn’t let Justin Bieber’s recent engagement to Hailey Baldwin get the best of her. Selena has been looking more beautiful than ever, and even showed off that she’s been collaborating with Queen Cardi B, herself! Why dwell on a man when you can get yourself some new friends?

Breakups are tough, that is no secret to anyone. However, it’s the way we view ourselves and how we care for ourselves that matters the most after a breakup. You have to do things in your own time, and eventually you too will come out looking like Kourtney and Selena, even if you have to go through a few bags of Reese’s first.

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