Go Medieval For Your Next Diet, You Won’t Regret It

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If you’ve tried every diet fad with no results you may want to start eating like a medieval peasant. Lower income people from those times may not have had much, but the low-fat, vegetable-rich diet they did have made them “far more healthy” than people of today.

British researcher Dr. Roger Henderson concluded that medieval meals were so much healthier than they were even better than the Mediterranean diet. According to Dr. Henderson, the average meal for a peasant living during those times would have included two loaves of bread as well as 8oz of meat or fish the size of a steak.

Fruit, olive oil and red wine were also major parts of the diet, but unlike the rich and royal overindulged the poor didn’t have that luxury. Which most likely explains why some royals were on the plus side.

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“If you put this together with the incredible workload, medieval man was at much less risk of coronary heart disease and diabetes than we are today,” said Dr. Henderson. While people make then were healthier than people of today one thing we got better at was life expectancy.

“If you got to 30 in those days you were doing well, past 40 and you were distinctly long in the tooth,” he said.

Learn more about the medieval diet in the video above.

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