Golf: More Than A Sedative For Dad

Bella Breakdown

Golf gets a bad rap. We minimize it to the sport that seems to only be on television so our dads can take a swift Sunday afternoon nap. Let’s not get so hasty with our ideas about golf. It actually might not be a bad thing to try once in a while. Golf can provide a lot of great physical and mental benefits.

Ditch the golf cart and the caddy, and opt to stretch your legs out on the links. If you carry your bag you’re also helping to strengthen your body, specifically your heart. Now, we know golf isn’t the most strenuous sport, but if practiced properly it can be a great workout. Take advantage of the rolling hills, and take a few extra practice swings.

Golfing gets you out of the house and into the sun. You can benefit from all of the vitamin D, just don’t forget to apply sunscreen! Golf is a lifelong sport, so you can play at any age. Even if you don’t think you’d be good at it, it’s actually quite fun to try once in a while. It might even be the perfect way to bond with your old man, and you can likely guarantee he won’t be sleeping.

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