Hacks For Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

Bella Breakdown

There’s nothing quite like a spotless kitchen, especially when it’s your kitchen. Think about it, this is where you prepare and cook all of your meals. So ideally, it should be one of the cleanest areas of the home! Keeping a spick and span kitchen doesn’t need to be terribly time consuming or expensive; it’s all about knowing how to efficiently and purposefully clean. Here are some of the best hacks for keeping your kitchen clean, and clean longer!

1. Keep the counters clear: Even if it’s just putting the coffee maker away each night, a counter with less ‘stuff’ on it always looks cleaner. Declutter that counter, first and foremost!
2. Wipe down your surfaces: After each use of the kitchen surfaces, make sure to wipe them down. It only takes a few minutes and will keep your kitchen nice and clean between deep cleans. It will also prevent any unwanted buildup on counters and appliances.
3. Utilize space under the sink: Stash your trash, sponges, soap and cleaning products under the sink. That way, they are out of the way and all in one place when you need them.
4. Ditch the drying rack: Wash and dry dishes immediately to get them out of the way quicker. Remember…decluttering always helps make the kitchen look and feel cleaner!
5. Keep 30% of your refrigerator empty: Always save space for leftovers!
6. Everything has its place: Cleaning up and putting things away is much more efficient when everything has its designated space. If you don’t have a space for it, perhaps you have too much stuff or need to reorganize!

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