Hannah Brown Becomes Next Bachelorette… Intriguing Choice, ABC

Bella Breakdown

I’m not going to lie. Hannah B becoming the next bachelorette surprised me at first. But then again, #Bachelornation loves a controversy. I mean, hello! Why do you think they keep the people who stir up drama around for so long? ABC chose Colton because of his virgin status and Becca because of how she was wronged. Both of their stories incited a lot of talk.

And now, we have Hannah B. At first, she may not seem controversial. Her innocent, playful southern accent and “down for whatever” attitude exude classic “Bachelorette”. But, if you watched the season like I did, then you probably know better. People like and dislike Hannah for the same exact reason: her insecurity.

When she is unable to fully express herself, is extremely awkward, shuts down when asked to make a toast, or acts really silly she is being insecure, spontaneous, and potentially even genuine. I will admit, this can be extremely endearing. However, it is that same insecurity that causes her to throw other girls under the bus, act very petty, be a fake, and communicate with people on surface level. Boom. Controversy.

America will be divided with this next bachelorette. Maybe you love her quirkiness. Or, maybe like me, you are also rolling your eyes at the next rose giver. And perhaps that is exactly what ABC wanted.

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