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Cutting sugar out of your everyday diet can help regulate your blood glucose levels and can ensure it doesn’t mess with your insulin. Overall, sugar seriously just messes with our health. Fortunately, there are replacements for all of the sugary foods you are consuming. Here are what the most popular food bloggers suggest.

The fruit is extremely sweet but naturally so. They are full of fiber and a great replacement for sweeteners like agave and maple syrup. They are also the perfect addition to your smoothies, salads, and salad dressings to add a little something sweet. You can even puree the dates to add to your baked goods.

Coconut Sugar
This healthier sugar is made from the sap extracted from the buds of coconut palms. It also contains nutritious elements like thiamin, iron, and zinc.

Monk Fruit Sweetener
What makes this sweetener different is that it is low in glycemic and carbs. It makes the perfect substitute for white sugar in baked goods.

Remember that super yummy treat you had as a kid? Well it is good for things other than a snack. You can sweeten cakes, cookies, muffins, and cupcakes. It can also be a great swap for butter and oil.

Consider adding vanilla or cinnamon instead of sugar to sweeten up those delicious treats!

This is a way better option than table sugar. It is all natural and can contain antibacterial properties. Drizzle it on a food that needs some sweetening or put it in your tea for a touch of sweetness.

These are great sugar swaps! Try these next time you have a sweet tooth.

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