‘Healthy’ Trends That Can Actually Be Dangerous For Your Health

(Photo Source: besthealthmag.ca)

Bella Breakdown

Just because something is deemed healthy doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good for you. Before taking up the last juicing craze all of the celebrities are raving about here are some trends that you should be a little weary of.

Going raw vegan may not be all that it’s cracked up to be. While eating raw foods like fresh fruits, vegetables and seed are nutritious only eating those raw foods can be cause for concern. This type of diet often lacks nutrients, such as calcium and vitamins B-12 and D. Not consuming enough of these nutrients can cause fatigue, constipation, and numbness.

Gluten-free items have been all the rage as of late. However, not eating gluten just because isn’t good for you like it is for people who actually have a reason. Needlessly going gluten-free means you are risking nutrient deficiencies, constipation and a weakened immune system caused by a lack of helpful bacteria in your gut.

While herbal remedies have been used for centuries to promote health and eradicate illness, many Americans mistakenly assume that “natural” equals safe when it comes to supplements. However, there aren’t any studies that prove the safety or effectiveness of those remedies.

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