Here Are 7 Tips For Preventing Chapped Lips

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While the cold weather blisters onward, the uphill battle of keeping your lips soft and smooth almost seems mute. No matter how much lip balm you slather on, nothing seems to prevent the inevitable winter chapped lip lull. That’s where we come in, we’ve got your back…and your lips. There may be some old habits you didn’t realize were actually adding to your chapped-lip conundrum, and we want to dispel those for you.

There are plenty of ways to prevent chapped lips during the winer months, and here are 7 tips:
1. Be prepared for colder conditions: Just like your mom always reminded you to wear your coat, remember that it’s colder outside right now. Your lips are like any other part of your exposed body in that they can be damaged by cold conditions. A scarf or zipped coat can protect your neck as well as your pretty lips.
2. Stay hydrated: Good ol’ H2O is one of the simplest ways to improve your hair, skin and nail health (and overall health as well).
3. Eat a balanced diet: Foods can throw off many of things within the body, and on the exterior. Eating healthy and balanced is another simple remedy for healthy skin and lips.
4. Check any medications you’re taking: Medications can have odd and even overlooked side-effects. Make sure your lip health isn’t being affected by a pill you’re taking.
5. Apply protection: Avoid lip balms that contain absorbent amounts of wax…you’re not trying to simply cover up a mess, you’re trying to heal a mess. Organic products like honey and coconut oil are great to use as “masks” for your lips.
6. Exfoliate properly: Invest in a sugar scrub, or make your own with some sugar and honey!
7. Buy a humidifier: Add a little more moisture to the air!

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