Here Are Healthy Ways To Use Every Kind Of Cooking Oil

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Here’s how you use every type of cooking oil. From avocado to walnut, olive to coconut, we have the info on every cooking oil high and low, to elevate your dishes and create healthier, tastier food.

1. Avocado Oil – this oil is buttery with a mild avocado flavor, and thanks to a higher smoke point, it is versatile in the kitchen. Try it in garlic-soy chicken stir fry.
2. Coconut Oil – virgin coconut oil delivers bold coconut flavor, while the refined and liquid versions are milder. Try it in coconut oil waffles.
3. Sesame Oil – toasted sesame oil has a more robust, nutty flavor than regular. Try it in Thai-style aioli.
4. Red Palm Oil – semi-solid with a buttery, mild, carrot-like taste, red palm oil comes from the fleshy fruit of the palm tree. Try it in collard and chickpea salad.
5. Walnut Oil – roasted walnut oil has a bold, nutty taste, but regular is more mild. Try it in pasta aglio e olio.

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