Here Are The Best And Worst States For Retirement

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Bella Breakdown

Once you reach that age retirement there seems to be nothing that can get in your way of just living your best life. However, depending on where you live your retirement can either be the best thing in the world or the worst. To help you, or a loved one, here are the best and worst places for retirement.

In terms of the best, Nebraska is at the top of the list for retirees. While the weather isn’t the greatest, it is number eight on the list of states when it comes to wellness. Also important, Nebraska is in the top 15 for the cost of living. Which means compared to the other 50 states, Nebraska is a fairly affordable option for retirees looking to keep costs low.

Another Midwest state, Iowa, trailed Nebraska, coming in as the second-best place to retire. The state ranked slightly better for affordability at number eight and scored within the top 20 states for culture.

Now, when it comes to the worst states retirees should stay away from Washington state. While that area usually has more of a positive image surrounding health, Washington failed to make the best list due to its high cost of living, high rate of crime and weather.

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