Here’s What You Can Actually Take From A Hotel Room

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We all know that one person who treats every hotel stay like an opportunity to stock up on shampoos, conditioners and lotions….or perhaps that someone is you! It is pretty nice to have a stockpile of travel-sized liquids, gels and aerosols as strict as packing for travel has become. Either way, have you ever wondered what you’re actually allowed to take with you when you leave the comfort of your hotel stay? Let us help you with the low down on that one!

Here are the two things you can (and cannot) steal from a hotel room:

CAN: toiletries: Hotels usually don’t mind if you take toiletries with you. In fact, in most cases, they are actually counting on you doing just that. They figure if you take their toiletries, it will serve as as subtle reminder for you to come back to their hotel.
CANNOT: towels and robes: Hopefully you haven’t been taking hotel robes and towels with you when you leave your stay. In fact, a police spokesperson said it is a criminal offense and that they will followup and see that the people who steal towels and/or robes will be found and punished. You probably won’t get arrested, but you more than likely will be banned from your favorite hotel if you steal towels and/or robes from them. But we get it, hotel robes are always the comfiest. You can often find many hotel items online like their pillows, robes, linens, etc.

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