Hide Your Hangover With These Simple Beauty Tricks

Bella Breakdown

Okay, so you did the thing you weren’t supposed to do, and you drank on a week night. You knew you had to be up early for work, but one margarita became six shots of tequila. You’ve exhausted your sick days, and you have to go to work. So, how exactly are you going to hide your bleary eyes, dark circles, and frankly miserable expression? Well we have a few tricks you can do to hide your hang over.

1. Don’t skip your brows. Play up your arch, that way you look just a bit more awake.

2. Concealer, concealer, concealer. Use concealer around your eyes, paint it on like glasses. It’s best to use a concealer with a little yellow tint to hide redness or dark circles.

3. Use a hydrating moisturizer. Drinking dehydrates your skin, so using a hydrating moisturizer, concealer, or foundation will leave you looking refreshed even if you don’t feel like it.

4. Play up your eyes. Use mascara, and light shimmery eyeshadow so that you look awake. Eye makeup will hide the creeping death that is right around the corner… well at least that’s how it feels when you’re hungover.

So even though you made a huge mistake celebrating Tequila Tuesday, at least you won’t look it.

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