Holiday Gift Guide For All The People In Your Life

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When it comes to the holidays, spending money can get REALLY out of control. I find myself walking into a store and being overwhelmed by all of the things I all of a sudden really need. While kids are pretty easy to shop for – they usually have a wish list that is too long, the other people in your life, such as friends and co-workers can be a little trickier to shop for. So how do we find a great gift for each person on our list without breaking the bank? Making a list of all of the people you need to shop for will help you stay organized and on top of everything.

You children’s teachers. These are people for whom it is very important to get a generous gift. They spend up to 7 hours with your children – teaching, nurturing and enriching them. Additionally, a teacher’s salary does not equal the amount of work they put in. I always recommend trying to find out what the teachers’ “favorite things“ are. Then you can buy a few gift cards to places she really enjoys.

Co-workers. If your coworkers are a fun and friendly group that you enjoy spending time with, organize a dinner out or a secret Santa in order to reduce the cost for everyone involved. If you have an assistant or someone who is especially helpful in your everyday work life, be sure to find something personal for them. A spa gift certificate, manicure and pedicure or some other way for them to be pampered is definitely appropriate.

Grandparents and other close relatives. If you have children, a gift that is more “homemade” is usually appropriate. You can make something adorable that only a grandparent would appreciate at a pottery painting store or at home if you are crafty. The most popular and sentimental gifts are ones that include handprints and footprints, especially when your children are little.

Friends. If you don’t have a close network of friends at work, this would be a fun time to organize a get together or fun gift exchange with your group of besties. This will be a big relief for everyone because, the reality is that all of your friends are just as busy and short on cash as you during the holiday season. If you or someone else is willing to host, a really low-maintenance party idea is to ask each person to either bring a bottle of wine or an appetizer.

Happy holidays!

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