Holiday Gift Guide: Men’s Etsy Edition

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Finding the right gifts for your man during the holidays is never an easy task, lucky for you, we found three Etsy pages that have great gifts for that special guy! Keep your man smelling and feeling his best with these awesome facial care items, plus, get a little scandalous with some super sexy coupons good for any occasion. Check out our favorites below and then be sure to check out Etsy for even more amazing shops built by amazing people!


Megan’s Marvelous Medicinals

We’ve mentioned Megan’s Marvelous Medicinals in our past spa lovers gift guide, but we did not mention that they have an amazing array of men’s grooming products! Get your mans facial hair looking its absolute best with this pack of beard care! The Calm Beard Balm has all natural ingredients to tame that beard without irritating the skin with artificial ingredients that come in most chain brand beard balms. The Earl Of Grey Beard Oil is a less thick balm of sorts, leaving his beard looking and feeling its best! Last but not least Eric’s Excellent Aftershave, for post-shaving care, this aftershave smells INCREDIBLE and is also all natural so you don’t have to worry about any itching or irritation! Check out Megan’s full shop to make sure you pick the perfect gift, or maybe even treat yourself!


VectoriaDesigns has the perfect DIY for the lover in your life, these sexy coupons are guaranteed to heat up your holidays. Plus you print and assemble them yourself, no fear of shipping fiascos or messed up products! They simply send you a PDF of the coupons of your choice, and then you can either print them yourself or have them laminated for as much re-use as you want! This shop is one of our favorites because it is centered around crafts that you can put together yourself, a handmade item really adds that extra love to a gift! These coupons are a great way to show your man you care without having to put too much stress into it! Be sure to check out the full Etsy shop to be sure you’re getting the perfect gift! Check out the shop by clicking HERE

Chris D’s Handmade

You may remember Chris D’s Handmade from our spa lovers gift guide, with high quality made to order products we can guarantee your man will appreciate this gift! We got the chance to try out the A Shave & A Haircut beard oil and it was a huge hit! Not only does it smell amazing, it’s all natural and made with several essential oils to relax the skin and the mind! The tea tree oil creates an incredible fragrance that will last hours, not to mention the bonus of acne-fighting power! Be sure to check out Chris’ full shop for more of her awesome handmade and packaged products!

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