Holiday Gift Guide: Oenophilia Wine Lovers Edition

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It’s the holidays and for my fellow vino’s this means a time to drink and be merry but mostly drink. But not just any alcohol will do, it’s wine time ya’ll; wine drinking wine gifting wine parties. ALL. THE. WINE. Oenophilia has your back this holiday season with the best gifts for wine lovers… or you know you could just buy it for yourself. Listen I’m sick of the giving stigma that you have to give to everyone else, give to yourself girl live your life.

Okay sorry.

The ladies of Whoabella hand picked out FAVORITE products on Oenophilia that everyone needs this holiday season, and the lovely people at Oenophilia sent us over samples of each so that we could give an honest, and probably tipsy, review of each!


Okay, guys; let’s be real with ourselves… spilling wine is a thing that happens. Sometimes it happens sober. Sometimes it happens tanked. Never the less it happens, well, happened because the Wino Sippers are the solution to this problem. Not only is the packaging adorable and vintage, the Sippers themselves are amazing. Wine glasses with built-in straws, no more tilting the glass, heck you don’t even need to pick it up just sip that red straight from the counter.


This is for our readers who like to show off just how much of a vino they are, the (   ) fills with corks to display how much wine you’ve been drinking while keeping a classy decorative vibe. In fact, you could even lie and say you didn’t drink every bottle that the corks belonged to… that’s not as fun and people probably won’t want to hang out with you but we aren’t judging.


Ah, the PERFECT gift for your grandma that passed down the wine-loving genes on to your mother who then passed it down to you. This decorative wine corks class up any drinking situation, turning the glass into a decoration. Here’s a thought, now you can use wine being a decoration as an excuse to keep buying more, “Listen I know I finished that bottle of Rose last night but we need a new one to maintain our cork decoration!”


It started off with the liquor drinkers who got Yeti’s to keep their drinks cool. Then the beer drinkers got Yeti Coozies to keep their beer cool. But they just expect wine drinkers to drink out of a cup that’s not shaped like a wine glass or bottle? BLASPHEMY! Well, Oenphillia saved the day with their Wine Bottle Flask and Vintage 82 Omni-Cup, keep your refills cool in your bottle shaped thermos and sip away in your glass shaped thermos. Not to mention they’re super trendy and matte black, meaning you will be killing it on Instagram.

Canvas Wine Bag

Know your BFF’s favorite wine but don’t want to just hand her a bottle, even though we’d totally be cool with that just for the record.  Try out one of Oenophilia’s Canvas Wine Bag’s to add a little flair to the wine you are gifting! They are super high quality so they can even become decorations, plus the slogans on each of the bags are absolutely hilarious. The one pictured is our personal fav but check out the link to browse all of them!


There you have it! Our favorite wine products for this holiday season that will help you kill it at those office parties you can’t avoid. Check out the rest of the awesome products on!

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