Holiday Gift Guide: Sexcuse Moi Adult Gift Edition

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Adult gifts are something we receive and, be real, enjoy receiving even though we have to act all modest and embarrassed. Well, lovely readers, the ladies of Whoabella took it upon ourselves to find the cutest adult gifts to buy for a friend, a lover, or even yourself. Lucky for us, we found them all in one place, on Sexcuse Moi, and the awesome people there sent us oversamples so we could, uhm… make sure the products worked.



Let us start with my personal favorite, the Rub My Duckie discreet waterproof vibrator. Not only does this rubber duckie look totally unsuspecting to any nosey visitors, but it’s also a powerhouse. This bad boy has five speeds guaranteeing that your next bubble bath will be VERY relaxing. The perfect toy for travel, no more TSA nightmares, just a gal and her rubber duckie trying to go on a romantic vaca!



Probably the cutest vibrator of all time, this lipstick-shaped toy is as adorable as it is high quality. Although a little pricey for some, it is definitely worth the money! The lipstick uses advanced air blowing technology, with five amazing speeds, to end overstimulation by creating an air flow that removes the need for direct contact. Yup. Welcome to the future people!


Ready to get wild? Crazy Girl is the super cute way to get freaky this Christmas. This gel can turn anything into a dessert… and we mean ANYTHING. In an array of flavors, we find Pink Cupcake to be our favorite. Not only is the pink packaging adorable, the flavor is to die for. Complete your night with the matching Crazy Girl soy massage candle, melt wax onto your partner, or just light it for the amazing smell! Either way, we guarantee this pair of goodies will amp up your love life.



Step up your massage game with this body oil, it smells delicious and makes massaging a breeze. Not to mention this oil is enhanced with pheromones to make sure you and your partner are feeling your absolute best. The smell is incredible, wild passion fruit & island guava bring the tropics to your bedroom.



Honestly, the packaging is what sold us on this one, the super cute retro boxing makes the perfect gift for any of your gal pals. This vibrator comes in the shape of none other than a cupcake! With five different speed options, this cupcake can please anyone! Plus it takes batteries and includes two AAA’s to get you started! No more worrying about charging your toys before you get intimate, just pop in some new batteries and you’re ready to go!


Want more? Make sure to check out the full collection of unique and amazing adult toys on Sexcuse Moi!!

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