How Cell Phones Are Hazardous To Our Health

Bella Breakdown

You might have heard at some point in your life, most likely from your parents, how bad cell phones are for you. They probably were referring to the addiction you had to it, as you spent an insanely fast hour diving deep into the meme world.

Yes, it’s so true that our phones are completely addicting, but not only are they affecting our mental health, but they’ve been causing physical pain as well. Here are a couple of the ways your phone could be affecting your physical health:

1. “Tech Neck” is quite common with cellphones and computers. You get it from being hunched over your device for prolonged periods of time, which can cause headaches and shoulder pain. The best way to prevent is to limit device usage, and when you do use it, to keep it at eye level so your head and neck are aligned.

2. Carpel Tunnel is a legitimate worry while using your phone. You may experience a ‘numb thumb’ which is due to the compression that occurs while your thumb is placed over your phone. Try typing using your index finger, and do wrist and finger stretches daily. A ‘pop socket’ is super helpful as a grip, so you are not having to fully compress your hand to hold your phone.

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