How To Keep The Holidays About Giving With Your Children

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With each passing year, the commercialism of the holidays becomes more and more insane. There are so many more things to buy, holiday decorations start going out as early as August and the commercials are constantly enticing our kids to want more and more. So in this season that is so focused on wanting, how do we teach our kids the art of giving?

Visit a home for the elderly. Bringing your children to see people who are, for the most part, stuck in one place is a great way for them to give back. The joy that children bring to people, especially the elderly is immeasurable. You can choose to simply walk around and visit with people or you can go and sing holiday songs. Any kind of interaction will lift their spirts.

Spend time making homemade cards for relatives. The love and fun that goes into a homemade card is a great way to not only teach your kids about the spirit of giving, but it makes the recipient especially happy to have been acknowledged in such a thoughtful way.

Make a homemade treat for your neighbors and friends. I personally think there is not much better than bonding in the kitchen with my kids. Baking together is a win-win! We both love spending the time together so much and making a sweet treat for neighbors and friends is a great way for your kids to put love into a gift. In our house we definitely say the most important ingredient is love!

Have your kids do chores and then buy a gift for a child in need with the money they earn. Kids have no concept of how fortunate they are, so having the joy of giving something to a child who may not receive any gifts during the holidays is priceless. This is a great way to remind them that although receiving is wonderful, giving to others brings just as much joy, if not more.

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