How to Make a DIY Watercolor Cake

Bella Breakdown

Do you want to take your plain white cake up a notch? Try this watercolor icing technique for a gorgeous look that is sure to impress all of your guests.


Here’s What You Do

Start with a simple, frosted cake and 4-5 bags filled with a spectrum of colors of frosting. You can use any piping tip you like.

Begin by piping 2-3” lines around your cake, beginning with the darkest hue. Your lines should be spread out around the cake from top to bottom in a random order.


Begin layering in your next color using the same approach. It doesn’t have to be perfect! Continue with your other colors until you have your cake mostly covered in messy lines.


Using a bench scraper at a 45° angle, smooth out the sides, pulling the colors together. You can add more color where needed as you continue smoothing the frosting.

You can clean up the edges with a smaller offset spatula. Enjoy!

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