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When you are a parent of little ones, it is very hard to take some time to do something nice or relaxing for yourself. Let’s get serious – it’s hard to even use the bathroom alone. However, small things can make you feel SO much better when you are in the trenches of parenthood. The following list of ideas will help you to feel a little bit like yourself for a little while.

Foot Massage. While getting an actual massage is wonderful, we all know that doing so is both time consuming and expensive. Recently, there have been places opening up that offer just foot massages. For a lot less money and time, you can sit and relax while someone rubs your feet and legs.

Host a get-together with friends (but make it easy!). Time spent with friends can be very therapeutic. Before I had kids, I loved hosting parties and dinners, but now with less time, I don’t do it very often. However, there is a way to make getting together with your besties a whole lot easier. Ask each person to bring either an appetizer or a bottle of wine. That way, no one has to make a huge elaborate dinner and you can still get everyone together without the hassle.

Take a walk. Even if you have to put the kids in the stroller and push (think of the extra calories you will burn), getting out and moving your body is a great way to do something for yourself. To make it even better, ask a friend to join you. I always end up walking much further than I would by myself. It’s a great way to catch up with your friend and get moving!

Dress up. Even if you are only going to the grocery store, putting on some make up and an outfit besides sweat pants will give your ego a little boost. Getting a glimpse of your former non-sleep deprived self will remind you of how stunning you are.

Meet The Bella Behind the Blog: Kristen Farley is a mother of three and a domestic goddess. She is a former teacher who enjoys spending lots of time with her kids, healthy eating, volunteering at school, and mommy blogging for the masses.

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