How To Re-Purpose An Old T-Shirt

Bella Breakdown

Looking for something to do with those old t-shirts? Follow these steps to make that t-shirt a trendy knotted racerback.

Fold your t-shirt in half and cut the sleeves off. For a point of reference, cut where the seam is. Next, follow the seam line at the neckline and cut that off as well. Now you are going to cut the seam line on the shoulders. This will separate the shirt. Now make sure the back of the t-shirt is upright and lay it on a flat surface. Once you do this, cut the fabric in a racerback shape on one side. Take the piece of fabric that you cut, flip it and use it as a stencil on the other side of the shirt so the shirt is symmetrical. On the backside of the shirt you should have a loose piece of fabric that is only connected to the bottom of the shirt. Knot this at the bottom and pull tightly. Now you are going to fold the back in half and follow the seam line with your scissors to split it. Pull it tightly again and stretch is out a bit.

Flip the t-shirt over. You are now going to be looking at the front of the shirt. You are going to make the front straps. Cut one side of the shirt and then use that scrap piece to cut the other side to make sure it is symmetrical. Flip the shirt over once again. Now you are going to sew your back strap to your front strap.

If you need more clarification, check out the video above for help! Enjoy your new trendy tank!

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