How To Stick To Maintain Your Diet When You Go Out

Bella Breakdown

Being on a diet doesn’t mean that you can’t have a good time when you go out for drinks. While knocking back whiskeys and cokes all night won’t be good for your body, here are some other ways to have a good drink while maintaining your body.

If you just can’t seem to shake your love of wine during a night out try turning it into a spritzer. One glass of white wine has around 120 calories. Making it into a spritzer, pour a half-portion of wine into a glass and top it off with as much soda water as you like. In most cases, this should leave you consuming around 60 per calories per glass.

Whiskey lovers will love to know that they have healthy options when it comes to drinking. A classic Manhattan cocktail only contains about two ounces of whiskey or bourbon, about a half-ounce of sweet vermouth, and a dash of bitters. Meaning there’s only around 167 calories in one Manhattan drink. For comparison, a pint of standard-strength lager averages around 180 calories.

It seems weird to drink during a cocktail night, but champagne is even a more healthier option to wine. A standard serving of champagne which is around 4 ounces clocks in at just 90 calories, which is significantly less than a glass of white or red wine.

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