How To Style Bangs

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The bangs trend comes and goes. They look great if done right, and it’s always fun to play around with the style if you’ve never tried it before. There are multiple different cuts and styles you can get, and you should be sure to talk with your hair stylist about what will work best with your hair. Once you’ve got the look though, don’t be afraid to play around with new styles to shake things up.

Side-Swept Bangs
Your bangs may already sweep to the side if that’s how you had them cut, but you can amp up the look with a little extra styling. Part your hair in the middle, and use a round brush and blow dryer to curl the bangs toward the back of your head. A bit of hairspray will help keep those locks in place.

Long Bangs
If you have long hair already or are growing your hair out, bangs can be a tricky thing to manage. Use a texturizing spray on your bangs and roots and the push bangs to the side of your forehead to create a gentle sweep. Go for a half-up-half-down look with the rest of your hair!

Curly Bangs
Go natural by letting your bangs be free and curly. While your bangs are wet, apply an anti-frizz formula or oil to the hair and let them air dry. Use some hairspray to set them in place when they dry.

Straight Bangs
The blunt bangs look can be really chic if done right. Comb hair forward while the bangs are wet and blow dry with the dryer pointing downward, then blow dry to one side and then the other. The bangs should rest in the middle of the forehead. Tease for a bit of volume if you like!

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