How To Turn Your Home Into The Ultimate Relaxation Station

Bella Breakdown

Every single day you come home to your space, so it is important to ask yourself what you want from the areas that are the most important to you: your living room, your kitchen, and your bedroom. I personally desire a clean, calm, and relaxing space that lets me take a deep breath and stretch out, leaving the day behind as I enter into it. If you are like me and you want to come to your home and instantly feel at peace, but you feel as though you would have to make drastic changes, never fear! By making a few small changes to your house, you can totally re-invent how it makes you feel.

Breathe deep with an essential oils diffuser

Do yourself a favor, and get an essential oils diffuser. You will be amazed by how adding scents to your space can affect your mood. Try using lavender to help calm you down, and grapefruit to energize you.

Use fairy lights and glass to create a magical ambiance

Turning on small, warm LED lights around your house will make you feel like you are in a fairy tree house. Grab some old wine bottles with pretty prints, and wrap them in copper wire lights. Then, place the bottles around your house for a nightlight that looks like you brought the stars into your living room.

Light some candles!

In order to increase your starry, lavender ambiance, get some candles that reflect or highlight the essential oils you use the most. You can buy candles, or make them using wax, a wick, and essential oils.

Once you have these three key ingredients to a relaxation station, turn off your main lights, get your essential oils going, turn on your starry bottles, light some candles, pour a glass wine, and get ready to forget all of your troubles.

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