‘I Like It’ On Top

Bella Breakdown

Yup, they call her Cardi B, she runs this sh*t like cardio.

After ‘Bodak Yellow’ peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, the stripper turned superstar was ecstatic, receiving praise from the biggest names in rap and hip hop, including the queen herself, Nicki Minaj.

Now, she’s done it again, because, well, Cardi “likes it like that.”

‘I Like It’ featuring J Balvin and Bad Bunny is Cardi’s second #1 hit on the Billboard charts, making her the FIRST (yeah, you read that right) female rapper to garner two #1 songs on the chart in history.

Moment of silence. Let it sink in. Breathe. And….


As a hardcore Nicki Minaj fan who is absolutely tired of hearing ‘I Like It’ on the radio and on my playlists, I still have to give props to the 25-year old. Not only is it history in the making, but “Invasion of Privacy” is Cardi B’s debut album. That means her first full length album has produced two #1’s, and her single with Maroon 5 titled ‘Girl’s Like You’ is quickly climbing its way up, currently holding the #4 spot on the charts. Could this be a three-peat for the New York native?

No matter what the outcome is, we know for a fact that Cardi didn’t come here to play. She came to win. And it’s not just dollars and diamonds, and million dollar deals (where’s the pen, b*tch I’m signing). It’s #1 hits, too.

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