Insanely Expensive Eats

Bella Breakdown

I am all about a one dollar meal, to me the cheaper a food is, the better it tastes. Some people might beg to differ. They want to indulge in the most of the most. The “best of the best”. The bigger the bill, the better! And there are a number of foods that will allow them to flaunt that expensive taste.

1. $1500 Ice Cream Sundae
The Baccarat Hotel in New York serves the Bear Extraordinaire. It’s decadent ice cream, in a white chocolate shell that’s hand painted, and covered in an edible gold leaf and silver flakes. It has hand spun sugar on top with edible, fondant butterflies and flowers. It’s served in a porcelain dish and topped with a glass bear. You can take the dish home with you once you’re done.

2. Ainsworth Wings
The Ainsworth Sports Bar in New York City serves $1000 wings, dipped in 24 karat edible gold. It’s the most decadent food you will ever eat while watching a baseball game.

3. $200 Hot Dog
Hot dogs are easily one of the cheapest foods you could ever purchase. Switzerland decided to challenge that fact. They created they most expensive Danish hot dog. The dog is made from Japanese Kobe beef, topped with Cristal champagne sauce, and white alba truffles. It sells for just under $200.

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