Is Your Diet Too Processed?

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We have a wealth of information about how certain foods affect our bodies. However, a lot of people don’t care to inform themselves about proper nutrition. They tend to stick to their diet of highly processed foods.

Processed foods can have a number of adverse effects on our body. If you are wondering whether or not you eat too many processed foods, there are a few tell tale signs that might be indicators that you are. Here are the signs:

1. Major Thirst
If you are constantly feeling thirsty, you are likely eating too much processed food. Processed food tends to have a higher sodium makeup, which makes you thirstier.

2. Headaches
Because of the dehydration from the high sodium in processed foods, you are far more prone to constant headaches.

3. Fatigue
Sugars and sodiums cause a momentary boost in energy, and then a major crash later.

4. The Blues
You can actually experience a major mood crash. After a sugar rush you might be left feel sad, and just down altogether.

5. Bad Skin
SImple sugars, fatty oils, and a lot of salt is your one-way ticket to bad skin. All of that poor eating causes an excess of oil buildup in the skin. You are likely not drinking enough water to make up for all of that bad eating, which is another reason you’re experiencing bad acne.

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