Is Your Friendship Toxic?

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Sometimes we just save the word toxic for a bad romantic relationship. Toxic relationships can actually happen a lot, and in many different ways. You can have toxic work relationships with bosses or coworkers. You can have toxic familial relationships with your parents or siblings. You can even have toxic friendships.

This is always an odd thing to come to terms with, because for the most part you choose your friends, and they’ve typically been in your life a lot longer than any of your romantic partners have. So, how do you know if you have a toxic relationship with a friend? There are a few signs.

1. The world revolves around them
If the friendship seems one sided, it’s probably because it is. They’re always talking about themselves and they can never seem to ask you about you.

2. They bring the drama
They probably claim to hate it, but drama tends to follow these friends around. They’re always getting into confrontations whether it’s with you or other people.

3. They’re competitive
They never seem to be happy for your successes in life. Instead, they’re attempting to one-up you when it comes to things like career, love, family, etc.

4. They cross boundaries
Friends that borrow money and never pay you back, or overstay their welcome in your home, or inappropriately contact your partner are friends that are majorly crossing boundaries. When you try to tell them about it, they don’t listen.

5. Jealousy of other friends
They’re jealous that you have or spend time with people other than them, and they’re not afraid to tell you.

If you find yourself in this kind of friendship, it’s important that you either speak to your friend or let that friendship go altogether. It’s damaging to your happiness.

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