It Might Be Wrong To Rebound

Bella Breakdown

When you have recently broken up with someone, you might hear a particular sentiment from some of your friends or family. It’s usually along the lines of “you’ll find someone better”, “there are plenty of fish in the sea”, or “now you can move on to your soulmate”. There is a notion that once we break up with someone, we should be on to the next. Or you might be in so much pain, that you might feel as though getting into a new relationship is the right thing to do. This is often referred to as the ‘rebound’.

Rebounding, however, really isn’t good for you. You need time and space to mend your broken heart. It isn’t fair to another person to bring all of the baggage you have not yet sifted through, into a new relationship. Your hangups, habits, and just the fact that you might not be over your ex will all stick around, no matter how wonderful this new person is.

It’s as if you’re eating too much food in one sitting. You’re not giving your stomach a rest, and will end up feeling sick. All of that untapped emotion is going to come out at one point or another, and likely you’ll end up breaking this new person’s heart, because you are not currently emotionally available. And thus the cycle continues.

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