It’s 2018 And Dating Communication Is The Worst

Bella Breakdown

So many things are made easier by technology. It truly feels like we are on our way to the kind of futuristic world we grew up watching in movies and television. Elon Musk just sent a car to space for crying out loud! So, why oh why is dating so awful in 2018? There are so many ways to get rejected today. There are multiple terms for poor dating etiquette, such as bread crumbing, ghosting, and the latest R-bombing. This apparently means that you’ve sent someone a text who has their read receipts on, and you can see they’ve opened and read your text and still no reply. Yeah, super rude.

I don’t want to be unfair and say it’s a generational thing, but I’m going to go ahead and be unfair and say it’s a generational thing. We are the children of instant message, email, texts. I don’t know about you but I also used the “poke” feature on Facebook a lot. I’d annoyingly let friends know, “I’M HERE”, but not actually go through the process of typing out words. I can’t help but think that we as a generation have leaned into these easy forms of communication, and it’s gotten so bad that we don’t even bother to respond any longer. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used the “Oh I got this, I just forgot to reply text”. Yeah, okay sure.

Can we beat our poor dating and communication skills, or rather lack thereof? If you don’t like someone, isn’t it better if they know? You don’t even have to do it person anymore! Somehow you’ll still get credit for dumping someone, as long as the text is kind and free of grammatical errors. Stop leaving people on read! Let them know you would not like to continue seeing them so they can move forward too!

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