It’s Not You It’s Me

Bella Breakdown

If our relationships haven’t been working out, we can’t help but think that we keep picking the wrong people. Hate to break it to you, you are likely the problem in all of your relationships. It’s important to remember that the common denominator in every bad relationship you’ve had is, well, you.

Sure, the people you’ve been with might be mean, selfish, or manipulative, but you are the one who keeps picking them. When you do not recognize your relationship patterns, you can’t help but repeat them. Instead of getting out at the first red flag, you choose to ignore them, and keep carrying on with a bad relationship. This then allows you to keep repeating your own bad relationship behaviors. It’s important to take time, while you’re single, to have some introspection and look at all of the mistakes you make while with someone.

So that’s it, you are your own problem in your lackluster relationships. You could be addicted to the drama, you could love to play the victim, you might love to attach yourself to emotionally unavailable people, and that is all on YOU. So, do you want to break your own bad patterns? If so, it’s time to get inside your own brain and figure out what you can do to change these bad behaviors.

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