Kardashian Beauty: Are We Buying?

Bella Breakdown

The Kardashians are often seen on Instagram and Snapchat advertising certain products. As if they don’t get enough money from endorsement deals, they definitely take advantage of simple picture advertisement. But do the products that they advertise for actually do what they say they’ll do?

Those crazy waist trainers were on trend for a while, and it seemed as though the Kardashians were the first ones to use them. They swear by them, and we can’t help but think that they actually work because somehow those girls happen to snap their waists back into perfect shape. What kids? As someone who actually used the waist trainer, it was honestly more like a super tight back brace. I wouldn’t say it helped my waist at all, but it actually really helped with posture strangely enough. The key to good posture is using your core, so maybe it helped a little? Inconclusive.

The next product they seem to use a lot is that strange little blue light teeth whitener. Now it’s really hard to say if that actually works, because you know they have venires, and you know they get them whitened constantly. So it’s difficult to say that a product like that is helping at all.

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