Keep Some Extra Cash This Summer With These Dollar Store Cooking Hacks

Bella Breakdown

Cooking a gourmet meal can be expensive, especially if you’re hosting a party. We all love to have summer BBQ’s and cookouts, but cooking for a lot of people can really add up. If you want to maintain that gourmet flair to your summertime get-together while keeping a budget, try purchasing some of your cooking supplies at the Dollar Store. Here are some of the best cooking supplies to avoid blowing the bank on:

1. Pizza pans: Whether you use them on the grill or in the oven, pizza pans are great for cooking large amounts of food, whether it’s pizza or not.
2. Oven mitts: These are easy to find cheap, and are much safer and better than your dish towel. These are great to buy cheap as they tend to get dirty and nasty pretty quickly.
3. Barbecue forks: Don’t get caught without a meat flipper for the grill!
4. Measuring cup sets: These are very necessary and very easy to find cheap. Baking is one skill that leaves little room for measuring error, so get those cups!
5. Cheese grater: Grated cheese is precise and really cannot be done without a grater.
6. Lemon squeezer: A lot of lemon juice gets wasted when you go the old-school hand squeeze route…find one for cheap and stop wasting lemons.

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