Khloe Starts Distancing Herself From Tristan

If you have been, well, keeping up with ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’, than you probably know that the season is coming to the point where it is going to address Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal. And wouldn’t you know it, it has been reported that Khloe is postponing her move to Cleveland with their almost six-month old daughter True Thompson.

We can only imagine how difficult it is for Khloe, that all of this drama that was somewhat settling is being brought up once again. Khloe has definitely been active on social media. She has been posting a lot of Instagram stories featuring quotes talking about forgiveness, letting go, and eliminating toxic people from our lives.

We can’t help but speculate with all of the timing that Khloe could very well be separating herself from her relationship with Tristan. Cheating is a very difficult thing to get over, so it’s understandable that Khloe might be experiencing hesitation to leave her family and move away with her very young daughter.

If there are trust issues in a relationship, it can be really isolating, even if you are near your friends and family. So we understand why Khloe might be having some reservations about this move.

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