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Lady Gaga is having more than a moment including her Joanne world tour, filming “A Star Is Born”, and not to mention preparing for her new two-year Las Vegas residency at the MGM. Now rumors of possible collaborations for her upcoming album are setting social media ablaze.

Gaga is in the process of recording her sixth studio album at the infamous recording studio of Jimmy Hendrix called Electric Lady in New York City, but recent celebrity sightings at the studio means possible collaboration partners for Gaga.

Yesterday Taylor Swift was spotted at Electric Lady Studios and may possibly be a collaboration partner for Gaga’s upcoming album. Swift is currently on her Reputation tour and stopped by the studio when she was in New York and since she is not working on an album (that we know of) this most likely points to a Gaga collaboration.

There is also the possibility that Taylor Swift is writing a song for Gaga’s new album since Swift has written songs for other artists as well including Sugarland, Calvin Harris, and Miley Cyrus. Another indication of the collaboration with Swift is that she rarely records at this specific studio, but Swift isn’t the only possible collaboration partner with many other rumored partners.

Miley Cyrus was also recently spotted at the recording studio, leaving fans to guess if she will be collaborating on the new Gaga album as well. Cyrus is also in the midst of recording a new album and is possible that Gaga may be a collaboration partner on her album.

Another rumor of the new Gaga album surrounds BloodPop possibly working with producer SOPHIE. After BloodPop posted about SOPHIE’s debut album on Twitter in June, leaving monsters to question if they will be working together on the upcoming album.

For more on Gaga and her new ventures, check out the videos above.

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