Lady Gaga Rocks Platinum Hair

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Top of the list for 2019 beauty trends is lilac hair, personal inspiration site Pinterest made this declaration due to the 1078 percent increase in searches for ‘lilac hair.’ Reality stars and supermodels like Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, and Gigi Hadid dyed their hair in a pastel pink shade through the last stretch of the year so this might be the reason for a rise in pastel hair color.

Other celebs might have been into the pastel pink wave but Gaga has emerged once again in the true style curator way by being the first to rock pastel lilac hair towards the year 2019. Pop artist Lady Gaga who is known for her numerous hits and bold fashion sense changed her hair from its signature platinum look to lilac before starting her Enigma residency at Las Vegas.

The new hair color was noticed when her newly-wed husband, Christian Carino posted a picture of her posing in front of a fountain on his Instagram page captioning it “Fountain of Kindness” in the picture she had lilac colored streaks. However, she is known to be a trendsetter from her grunge looks to glamorous lady vibes, her hair changes as fast as her looks.

She has rocked a number of hairstyles from her blunt fringe to the high and blowy tresses. She is never afraid to try colors ranging from grays to reds. The singer recently starred in the movie “A Star Is Born” alongside Bradley Cooper where she portrayed Ally, a budding musician whose hair was used as a symbol to signify the different stages of her life.

Gaga says that after wrapping filming for “A Star Is Born” she dyed her hair back to the signature platinum blonde to get out character from playing Ally in the film. More so, it appears that Gaga picked a thing or two from the character she portrayed by having a new hair color for the start of her show in Vegas.

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