Love On the Brain

Bella Breakdown

Love feels like a mystical, magical thing. It’s mysterious, and can feel very elusive. But, it might not be as mystical as we make it out to be. The ability to fall in love can more or less be boiled down to science. Some scientists believe that there is, by which two human beings are able to fall in love with one another.

It begins with the process of two people taking 45 minutes to ask one another 36 questions that get more and more intimate as the questions go on. The couples then had to look into one another’s eyes for an uninterrupted four minutes. I don’t know about you but I would’ve crawled out of my skin at 4 seconds, but alas we’re not discussing my intimacy issues.

The idea behind this experiment is that the chemical reactions occur during the reciprocation of the questions. So you’re not necessarily falling in love with the answer, but rather the fact that someone is giving information at the same level you are. They eye contact creates intimacy, closeness, and let’s be honest the shared trauma of having to look someone in the eye that long.

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