Love Suntanning? Look For These Signs You’ve Taken It Too Far

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As the winter blues begins to hit us, we will all flock to beach vacations like ants to a picnic. Spring Break is around the corner for students, teachers, and employees alike, and that means a lot of sun time that your white little body is not accustomed to.

So, as you get ready to get your tan on, remember that you also need to protect yourself from dangerous UV rays (and a blistering sun burn!). In order to tell if you are getting too much sun, look for these signs:

Are you sunburned? (obviously)

Although this one is a “duh”, sometimes it can take people hours to recognize a sun burn. In order to tell, touch your skin and see if you leave a white fingerprint for a few seconds.

Are your thirsty?

If so, then you are probably dehydrated from being in the sun too long. Drink some water, fool!

Is your skin red and itchy?

You may have heat rash (ew!) This can happen when your skin gets burned and your pores clog, making it impossible to sweat. Take a shower and use sunscreen next time.

Do you feel like you might pass out?

Yep, still dehydrated from too much sun. Get yourself in the shade and, yes, you guessed it, drink some water.

Do you have a fever?

Ok, this is getting out of hand, you tan-addicted kween. Get yourself out of the sun ASAP!

Are you nauseous or throwing up?

You probably have heat stroke! This is not OK. You should go see a doctor, and reevaluate your life choices.

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