Make Grilling Healthy This Summer

Bella Breakdown

As we enter the summer months we also enter grilling season. Unfortunately, some of the mainstream grilling items aren’t the healthiest options. There are plenty of grilling alternative thats are delicious and will help you with your summer body!

Grill more fruits and vegetables. Veggies like corn, peppers and onions are great on the grill and for you. Pineapple and peaches also hold up well on the grill. Unlike other foods, veggies and fruits do not form HCAs (dangerous chemicals) when they are cooked.

Don’t overcook your entree! There are toxins that are released from cooking meat that could potentially cause Type 2 diabetes. You can limit this risk by not charring the meat or cooking it ‘well done.’

Decrease your consumption of red meat. Eating a lot of red meat can lead to a higher risk in heart disease. Try poultry or even fish option during your next barbecue.

Make a marinade. Making homemade marinades can actually block some of those nasty HCAs.

This summer, switch up your grilling routine and incorporate something new into your diet!

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