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I have to admit it: I am tired of the smokey eye. I feel as though I never do it quite right, and half the time I’m walking out of the house looking like a just got in a back alley fight and got a black eye. Instead, I recently used this video to make my brown eyes stand out and look extra chocolatey.

First off, I never knew this, but apparently you should use colors that naturally accentuate your eye color. So, purchase an eye shadow palate that is complementary to your shade. If you have green eyes, go for purple. If you have blue eyes, try pink on for size. If you have hazel eyes, check out copper. If you have brown eyes, gold and blue are your friends.

This is key in the application process, you need to begin by putting primer on your eyes. Then, use a matte cream base. The lighter colors should be blended around the outside of your eye in a circular motion, while the darker colors should be dashed in the outside corner of your lid, closer to your eyelashes.

Then, you want to top it off with an eyeliner that compliments your eyeshadow colors. Be sure to start at the inside of your top eyelashes and go outwards. Let the line go past your lid for a cat eye affect.

Next, use the same dark eyeshadow underneath your lower lashes on the outside, and a highlighter in the corners of your eyes and closer to your brow. Finally, apply mascara to make everything POP!

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