Making Long Distance Relationships Work

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Do you think it’s true that absence makes the heart grow fonder? Some couples might agree, especially ones that are in a long distance relationship. Long distance is not easy.

Proximity helps to breed love and intimacy. However, there are definitely ways to make and LDR work, and a lot of couples have truly gone the distance while being apart. So what is it that helps a long distance relationship thrive? A few couples weigh in:

1. Establishing Independence
Long distance relationships are really great if you are down to be independent. You’re going to have your own life to live when your partner is away. You’re not sharing friends or experiences so you need to be okay with that.

2. Communication
Communication is a part of any relationship, but it needs to be especially prioritized when you are long distance.

3. It Works If It’s Right
If you have a terrible feeling lurking in any kind of relationship, then it’s probably not going to work no matter how close you are to that person. However, if it is right then distance is not going to be something that will break you. The right couples make it work.

4. Do What’s Right For You
Don’t listen to people’s opinions about your relationship. They’ll tell you it’s hard, but of course you already know that. However, if this is the person you love and you’re the one making the sacrifices, and it still feels right to you, then don’t listen to anyone else!

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