Matchmakers Suggest Looking For These Important Traits In A Partner

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With the over-abundance of options out there, the dating game can be rather tough these days. With all the online dating sites, apps and social media platforms, the idea of finding “the one” seems more overwhelming than ever. But it can be much easier if you have your deal breakers and your standards. Of course, keeping expectations at bay can be tough, but making sure that you have non-negitioables is a good way to start paring down the competition.

Here are some of the qualities that matchmakers and dating experts agree are important to look for in a potential mate:
1. Kindness: Not just someone who is nice, but someone who is genuinely kind. This is a rare trait that a lot of people who use dating sites ask for in a partner.
2. Relatable life experiences: A common bond can occur when two people share common life experiences.
3. Shared values and goals: Since values and goals are often part of a person’s non-negotiable list, it’s good to get the conversation about personal values and goals out of the way early.
4. Self-awareness: Knowing yourself and your needs is extremely helpful in a relationship. Also, knowing your strengths and weaknesses is helpful to not only your own personal growth but helpful for your potential partner. It can help create balance within a relationship.
5. Passion: Finding someone who is passionate about what they do or what they love is always a plus. And if you can find someone who has a similar or the same passion as you can create quite and exciting and rewarding relationship.

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