Men Care About Weddings Too!

Bella Breakdown

It is easy to picture a little girl meticulously planning her wedding, thinking about her dress, her cake, who she will invite, and how her dance with her father will go. Because of societal stereotypes, it can be harder for people to picture a little boy planning his future wedding. But this is simply unfair to little boys across the globe! They should also be allowed to dream about one of the most important days of their lives.

The truth is that dudes care about their weddings as well, and we simply need to give them more credit and more space to dream. A new study conducted my Men’s Warehouse found that 2/3 men were as excited or more excited than their spouse.

Similarly to brides, they also didn’t feel as though the moment was real until they tried on their tux for the first time (swoon!). They also often help plan multiple aspects of the wedding, such as the guests, budget, date, and invitation style. In fact, the average man spends about 29 hours planning his wedding.

So, if you are ever to be married, remember that your fiancé wants in! This is his day just as much as it is yours.

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