Metro Detroit Medical Spa LightRx Shuts Down With No Warning To Customers

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“The fact that you closed several locations, and without warning, you guys should not be running a business,” Sonia Pruitt voiced out her feelings about it.

We are yet to know what might be the cause this med-spa to shut down without warning customers. The little we can deduce is that the Secretary Of State Office did issue a cease and disses orders to shut down several shops in Detroit, Lenox Township, Highland Park, and even Dearborn.

Most people seemed to be infuriated by the fact that med-spa were just closed without any word from anyone. They have closed all outlets across the country and it is very possible that they’ll be closing more. Over 30 clinics and markets all closed from the end of September to December 29.

While a greater part of the aggravated customers took to social media to express their grievances especially Twitter, some have decided to make purchases outside the affected areas. While those who had withheld money are still fighting for what is theirs.

One of the reasons they could do this was if a substance present in all of their products that are harmful to people, this is why it is necessary to have different options. Yes, I already know what is going on in your mind. Beauty products shouldn’t be changed anyhow because they affect your skin.

Yes, that is true. However, you should have tested other products and understand which you should use to replace which. This means that you should have other options but they must be similar to the original or with the brand of beauty products that you use. There are distinct peculiarities which separate sellers.

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