Milkshakes and Wine? Yes, Please.

Bella Breakdown

Now, I’m not sure where you’re reading this, but wherever you are you are likely suffering from this particularly scorching summer heat. If you’re like a large majority of adult human beings, over the age of 21, you might enjoy a glass of red wine.

Heck, you might even prefer it over any other drink. However, red wine just isn’t a great summer drink, and you know that you’ll get some judgmental looks if you load it up with ice cubes.

It might be time to get creative with your red wine this summer, and combine it with one of the most refreshing drinks known to mankind: the milkshake. One genius, sent from the heavens above has created the red wine milkshake. Don’t worry, it’s not as intricate as it sounds. It’s extremely simple to make. All you need is vanilla ice cream, red wine, vodka, and whip cream. Don’t forget the cherry on top.

It might seem a big sacrilege to the avid red wine drinker, but let’s face it, all rules go out the window when you’re hot and when two of your biggest cravings have merged. Plus, it’s also 2018, fusion is super popular right now. Don’t worry, we’ll never judge.

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