Mindy Kaling Gets Real And Gives Some Motherly Advice

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Mindy Kaling is such a relatable person, both on TV and off. Her fans praise her for breaking down stereotypes in gender, race, body type and more, and now that Kaling is a mother, she’s sharing a little bit of her down-to-earth advice with her fellow mamas.

The 38-year-old gave birth to her daughter, Katherine, in December 2017, and recently has been sharing some of her favorite mother-daughter activities, including reading. “Every day I try to read my daughter Katherine three to five books, and what’s great are board books, because three to five books of regular books would be interminable, but they’re like really short and really fun,” Kaling said in an Instagram post.

Some of her favorites include “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” by Eric Carle, “The Going-to-Bed Book” by Sandra Boynton, and “There’s a Wocket in My Pocket” by Dr. Seuss. Kaling’s big piece of advice? Invest in lots of board books.

“Board books… get covered with spit. This entire book is 90 percent my daughter’s saliva, and so that’s kind of, I think, why they are board books, so that they can chew on them, because she’s teething.”

So for any woman looking for a some mom-to-mom advice, I recommend following Kaling and her adventures with Katherine. She’s a great source of inspiration, and you may pick up a great tip or two!

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