Modern Cottage Ideas to Try At Home

Bella Breakdown

Need some charming home inspiration? Give your house a sweet, cozy facelift with these modern cottage ideas. Although a few are more large-scale renovations, touches like a rustic wooden table or a fresh coat of paint to provide easy cottage upgrades.

Chic Cottage Inspired Renovations

A white exterior pops against a lush, green garden. Green shutters are a classic way to complement a crystal cottage exterior. Choose a roof based on both durability and aesthetic appeal. Metal roofs are a farmhouse cottage classic.

Symmetrical details give a quaint cottage touch without looking cluttered. Mix formal elements with earthy tones to make your living space cottage cozy.

Dark, worn wooden floors add comfortable warmth. Keep your cottage dining area casual with a functional farmhouse table. Scale back formal dining areas with rustic tones and minimalist decor.

Decorate your kitchen with practical and pretty pots and pans. Play up rustic design with primitive metal elements. The cottage’s porch is basically a second living room. Wicker works wonders to develop cozy cottage charm.

An abundant cottage garden says, “Come on in and stay awhile.” Grow vines up fences and let vibrant flowers overflow their beds.

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